At present there are 481 units/clubs affiliated to the Association as listed below.…

Any club having at least 15 members can register as a unit of the Association by paying an Annual Subscription fee plus current year’s subscription fee along with the following papers.

Registration Policies:

i) Rules & regulations of the Club in a letterhead (if the club is already registered with the Societies Act 1961, the photocopies of registration certificate and the rule & regulations submitted therein is sufficient).

ii) Current year’s Executive Body of the club in a letterhead.

iii) A recommendation of local MO/MLA/Councilor/Panchayet Pradhan (in his letterhead) or any council member of the association.

iv) Club Registration From, duty filled in.

Any District, Local Federation, University body consisting of several affiliated units to then can also register themselves with the association in the aforesaid manner.

Transfer Polices :

Any player can seek transfer from his present club to a new one by filling up the transfer from (in triplicate) along with requisite transfer fee by being physically present at the association office without any permission of the present club. It is taken for granted that the club, where he seeks to take transfer has no objection in it. Anyway the transfer can be withdrawn within 7 days from the date of transfer taken. In that case he will be stay in his old club and can to ask for transfer to any club. The period for transfer is generally from 20th August to 20th September each year.

Carrom Excellency Award :

It is not yet started, but there is a plan of starting in the days to came.

Future Plan:

To promote, develop as well as spread the game of carrom to every corner of West Bengal as well as forming an All India Federation with like minded States plus to be re-affiliated to Bengal Olympic Association.

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