• Patron-in-Chief : Ashoke Dasgupta
  • Patrons : Prasanta Banerjee, Samiran Chowdhury, Nitish Mukherjee
  • President : Gitanath Ganguly
  • Vice-Presidents : F. Ahamed, Sengupta (Aajkal), A.K. Chatterjee
  • Hon’y Secretary : Suchit Sahoo
  • Hon’y  Jt. Asstt. Secretaries : Aloke Chaudhuri, Joydev Bagchi
  • Hon’y Treasurer : Tapas Dutta
  • Hon’y Match Secretary : S. Banerjee


  • Council Members : C.Dutta, P.Deshmukh, Ujjal Ghosh, Ashim Hazra, T.S. Dey, B.N Gupta, S.Mukherjee, S.K. Dutta, S. K . Pramanik, S. Banerjee, S. B. Chowdhury, Sajal Bose
  • Tournament Sub-Committee : F. Ahamed, S. K. Pramanik, S Hazra, Ashim Hazra, T. Dutta, A. Sahoo, S.K. Dutta, P. Deshmukh, S. Banerjee, P. Chakvorty, R. Banerjee, N. Chakroborty, G. Akbar.
  • Rules Sub-Committee : F. Ahamed, S.K. Pramanik, Ashim Hazra, P. Deshmukh, S. Banerjee, Chanchal Dutta
  • Finance Sub-Committee : A.K. Chatterjee, T. Dutta, J. Bagchi, T.S. Dey, S. Bose
  • Fixture Sub-Committee : F. Ahamed, S.K. Pramanik, Ashim Hazra, J. Bagchi, S.B. Chowdhury
  • Chief Umpires :S.K. Pramanik
  • Asst. Chief Umpires : A. Hazra
  • Umpires-in-Charge : Chanchal Dutta, P. Deshmukh, S.B. Chowdhury

I am happy that the 26th State Carrom Championship has come to an end. This time almost 400 players participated. Though we have a plan of introducing ‘age group competition’, but lack of interested entrants did not allow us to arrange it. This could have encouraged the budding competitors where from one could claim State Championship in the days to come. I express my gratitude to most of the competitors, who fought the games with1Jreat spirit and norms. The State Championship requires Sponsorship to run in future and this is high time that corporate sectors think of sponsoring this.

I also thank the members of the Executive Committee of W.S.C.A, specially the Hon’y Secretary, Mr. Pratap Sahoo and his active teammates in rendering all possible assistance to make the championship a grand success. I express my gratitude to the members and executives of Natunhat Agradoot Sangha forgiving us the facility of the venue.

I thank all who helped in our venture, specially Aajkal and different electronic medias, who had been kind enough for covering the programme. This year we would succeed in introducing lady competitors to participate in this year’s tournament, since, in the past I was vocal personally for their participation and happy to record with gratitude that the Hon’y Secretary and his Assistants had made all possible endeavour in bringing them in the competition.

I am happy that the local election for this year was constituted in the befitting manner and all the members eligible to participate and caste their votes, being the right to vote and voted and all of them, I am glad to note, have done so in best possible sporting spirit. The election Officers and nodalities, the infra-structure for the election was up-to-date and Hon’y Secretary deserves a special thanks for the same.

I hope, we will keep the tradition of the game and keep the game continuing in the best competitive manner.



Welcoming all of you to the XXVI State Championship 2010/11 at this year’s venue at 429 D. H. road, Kolkata – 700034, courtesy to Natunhat agradoot Sangha. I know that sheer love to the game of carrom has brought all to you here. This year we have organised Men’s (Singles and Doubles) Ladies (Singles) only Championship. Last year, due to lack of participants we were unable to conduct Ladies Championship. But I am happy that interest among the ladies has come back. In future,. if the number of lady participants increase considerably, we can think Of their Doubles tournament also. .

I thank all the players who participated in this year’s championship and also all the umpires without whom all the games could not be conducted at all. Overall I thank the Ch. Umpires, Umpire-in-charge, along with the Tournament Committee, who devoted their time and untiring labour with fullest of energy to make the tournament successful.

Special thanks is due to members and executives of Natunhat Agradoot Sangha. It will not be justified if we I don’t mention here the name of Mr. Ramesh Ch. Kundu, who himself is a genuine carrom lover. Also the name of Mr. Ashok Dasgupta of Aajkal requires to be of special mention. I congratulate all the advertisers and doners for extending their ~ assisting hands, without which it would have been very difficult to run the tournament. I would request to look for any sort of sponsorship in the coming days, which is extremely essential to run future tournaments smoothly. Once again, I thank all of you and apologies for any unmentioned name, if so happened.


Hony. Secretary, W.B.C.A.

I welcome and congratulate all the persons, present here in XXVI State Carrom Championship 2010-11. This year we introduced Ladies Championship. Usually, Men’s Singles and Doubles championship also held.

I thank all the executives and Sub-Committe members for assisting me to complete this year’s tournament successfully. There were some hurdles as usual, but with cool temperament those could be overcome. I don’t know the reason of lesser number of participants this year in comparison to the few previous years. That is why the tournament term was so short. Thank you all, who are present at the venue.


Hony. Match Secretary, W.B.C.A.

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