Tournament – December to January (in general)

Identity Card renewal – 01/07 to 31/07 of each year (without penalty)

Transfer of players – 20/08 to 20/09 of each year

1. The games shall be played under the rules of Carrom adopted by the West Bengal Carrom Association.
2. Each participant must bring his IDENTITY CARD & STRIKER for each round and deposit the same PERSONALLY to the Jt. Ch. Umpire / Umpire-in-Charge for checking, 15 minutes before commencement of the game; otherwise the Team can be rejected.
3. In the event of a competitor found to be using striker beyond specification, his team shall be liable to be suspended forthwith.
4. If any match of any shift is not completed within scheduled time- span, if necessary the rest game shall be played as per the time and date fixed by the Jt. Ch. Umpire(s).
5. A grace period maximum 15 minutes from the schedule time of game is admissible.
6. a) Under no circumstances request for postponement, change of shift / date will be entertained.
b) Under no circumstances request for change of umpire shall be entertained.
7. The committee reserves the right to change and correct fixture or alter the schedule if necessary.
8. Protest, if any, shall have to be lodged to the math secretary in writing with a protest fee of Rs 100/- (Rs. One Hundred Only) with in 24 hours. Of the game played.
9. Umpires decision will always stand final.
10. All the games shall be played on the Carrom Boards and with a Carrom Men provided by West Bengal Carrom Association, under supervision of the Tournament Committee, at Beleghata Shanti Sangha, 4 Rashmani Bazar Road. Kolkata – 700010.
11. a) Smoking shall not be allowed in the playing area.
b) A player under influence of intoxicated drinks, drugs and / or smell of alcohol shall lose the match at any time.
12. In singles only one and in doubles only two Umpires will be provided.

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